Randy Orton Questions

1. What is happening with Randy Orton? He loses clean as a sheet to 74 year old Jeff Hardy’s finish in a US title match? Is he the new Kane? Someone who gets a guaranteed pop and has the credibility to be believable in a main event feud but is used exclusively to put someone over? 

2. If this is to be his role for the duration of his career how would you define his legacy? When he started I thought he had the pedigree and tools to be one of the best ever. Would you even say he’s in the top 50 all time? He’s had multiple title reigns but has never been in a position to be the guy to carry the company. He’s main evented a Wrestlemania and been put in prime spots but I can’t really recall him having a show stealing match on a big stage. Considering his start and potential his career has to be considered a disappointment no?

​I think his main problem was the same one as a lot of other people during that era:  He had the misfortune of coming up at the exact same time as John Cena and was never able to escape that shadow.  I certainly wouldn’t call him top 50 of all time or anything, but he won a bunch of World titles and was part of the zeitgeist for a while with the RKO Outta Nowhere meme, so it’s hard to call him a disappointment overall.  The main problem is that we had long periods where he was booked as a babyface and he clearly wanted to be a heel and so wasn’t particularly motivated.  These days he seems happier to be winding down and putting guys over, although the whole lineage of the US title this year was completely baffling.  Also, 2017 REALLY hurt his legacy, like a lot.  ​