Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers!

Happy Monday!! I didn’t watch Backlash, probably won’t watch Backlash and from the sounds of things I’ll be better for it. RAW is live tonight and when the most exciting thing I can think of is Jason Jordan’s return than we’ve definitely hit the lean months of the promotion…and that’s no offense to Jordan, who was actually starting to find something when he got hurt.

As for the non-wrestling stuff. LeBron and the James Gang continue their one-sided NBA feud with Toronto, still refusing to put the young Raptors over just once. NHL Playoffs have the Penguins and Predators fighting for their Stanley Cup lives in separate games. Meanwhile Boston is eliminated…HA!

What else is on? Umm Jeopardy starts its two-week teachers tournament. The Voice’s never-ending season continues and I dunno check your local listings for the rest.

Keep it clean!