Are we at a point where Miz can be called a working class man’s Rowdy Roddy Piper?  I feel like he’s moved beyond “poor man’s Rowdy Roddy”.  Both are/were middle of the road workers for their time, but could absolutely be carried to great matches, and more than made up for it on the mic.  There probably aren’t 5 better guys on the mic in wrestling history than Roddy (Rock, Flair, Austin and that might be it) and Miz is probably the best of the current crop.  

​I strenuously disagree, and here’s why:  If you go back and watch those old Piper promos, he specifically makes you want to see the match he’s hyping up, like when he’s burying Ricky Steamboat on Mid-Atlantic and you’re like “Oh man, I hope Steamboat kicks his ass.”  Ditto Ric Flair, who could make you want to see him against five different people in one promo.  Miz is great at reciting the robotic catchphrases that WWE writes for him on the talk shows and knows how to talk in the way they like to hear, but he doesn’t make me give a good goddamn about whatever bullshit they’re doing at the next PPV. He’s a good talker who is adapt at getting himself over, but it doesn’t transfer onto anyone or anything else.  ​