Hatred for Stephanie

Hello Scott,

I’m not what you would call a knee-jerk McMahon loyalist, but I’m not sure I understand your venom toward Stephanie.

I understand that they’ve sort of made her the figurehead/spokesperson for the Divas Revolution/Evolution/whatever, but did i miss some specific incident where she personally (outside of kayfabe) took credit for the rise in women’s wrestling?  I don’t ask this
sarcastically – I really want to know if there was some specific incident where she literally painted herself to be both the inventor and savior of modern women’s wrestling.  

On a related note, I think that a lot of fans don’t realize that those inside the business look at things from a different perspective.  With certain well-known exceptions, most aren’t as obsessed with their legacy outside of whether or not the fans are currently
enjoying what they do.  They are obviously passionate enough about the business to have devoted their life to it, but when it’s your job and lifestyle, the fact that you’ve made it to the big-time tends to make you fairly secure in your abilities – this is
why it’s pointless to shout “you can’t wrestle” at even the shittiest wrestler on a WWE program.

Again, I want to stress that there are very obvious exceptions to this, but by and large, when you’re Paul Stanley, you don’t sweat whether or not people think you’re the world’s greatest guitarist – you’re more interested in whether or not people love KISS.

That being said, I would be surprised if Stephanie was hell-bent on making sure that the world thought she personally played a huge and important role in the resurgence of women’s wrestling.  

​The problem with Stephanie and HHH in particular is that it’s incredibly difficult to determine where kayfabe ends and reality begins.  Stephanie feuding with Ronda Rousey is clearly Stephanie The Character, but what about when she’s doing commentary for the Women’s Rumble and Michael Cole is scripted to say that she’s far too humble to say it herself but she’s the driving force behind the Women’s Revolution/Evolution?  Or when they announced the Rumble and every woman on the roster, heel and face, had to come out to the ring and celebrate the opportunity being given to them by Stephanie? 
I think what bugs me foremost is that they already own the company and we know it, but they still remind us of it every week and put themselves on TV instead of using someone who could the extra merch sales or videogame royalties.  Remember when Vince McMahon was just the announcer for two decades and had no interest in being an on-screen character because he didn’t want to overshadow his larger-than-life superheroes?  ​