Time for Plan C (Obscure Star Trek reference) for Roman Reigns?

At this point, would the only way to salvage Roman Reigns be to just say “fuck it” and make him a comedy character?

And before you say anything, remember that Big Show was basically DOA before he stopped being a scary monster for a while and just went full farce and managed to FINALLY cross over .Similarly, Kane added countless years to his character by embracing comedy into his character.

And also factor this in; a comedy Roman Reigns would actually give him a leg up over the other top guys, who are all pretty humorous.

They can even go the Bulworth route; after countless defeats, Roman stops giving a fuck and starts acting silly as far as having a complete mental breakdown. Silly mentally unhinged Roman could be fun; bonus points if they go the 4chan route humor-wise (as given Vince’s being behind the ball pop-culturally, he should be reaching the point in 2008 when 4chan and /b started breaking into the mainstream)

​Pretty sure they’re not doing that.​