Friday Night Thread

It’s Friday night!

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day and I’ll be partaking at my local comics shop, so why not stop by one near you and get some free books?

Hulk Hogan is yet again trying to get back into WWE so he can share all the stuff he’s learned about tolerating other races and religions and midcarders, brother.

Tonight!  The playoffs continue in the NHL and NBA.  The entire city of Toronto and all the Canadian sports media has literally written off the Raptors as being done in their series with the Cavs, which is probably true, but SHEESH.  It’s only 2-0 LeBron.

Tomorrow morning:  The other half of the Observer Flashback, featuring the famous NWA title tournament and the all the territory news.

This Sunday is Backlash.  Real talk:  I’m having a hard time caring about this one, especially if it’s 5 hours long.