Hey Scott. Hope you’re well, thanks for all the content over the years. 

Jericho’s recent attack of Naito put me in mind of the classic he and Omega put on at Wrestle Kingdom 12. In the comments for the rant you wrote for the show, a reader marveled at the fact that Jericho put on the best match of his career at 47 years old. Do you agree that it was, in fact, his very best match? While I certainly believe that it should be in the conversation, Jericho’s put on so many tremendous performances over the years that it’s nigh impossible to point at one as head and shoulders above the rest. If forced to choose, I’d probably put Jericho/Benoit vs. HHH/Austin at the top – if we’re limiting the conversation to singles matches, I think the Jericho/Benoit ladder match for the Intercontinental Title is my favorite. 


Based on his age and limitations today, it was by far his best PERFORMANCE.  But his best match is still the Benoit one, I think.