Overworking Daniel Bryan

Hi Scott,

So I have no clue what Bryan’s medical situation is but it seems kinda weird that he went from seemingly “One bump could kill you,” to “Eh, do a full-time schedule, why not?” I’d assumed he would stay as GM and wrestle intermittently like Flair was initially doing in ’02.

But now they not only have him wrestling full-time, but going out and doing 1-Hour Plus matches where other wrestlers are trying to rip his chest open.

Is that his decision? I assume Bryan wouldn’t force himself into situations he wasn’t completely comfortable with but why would WWE throw him smack into the thick of things like this? Why book your one guy who a concussion away from Paige-city into situations that go over and above what anyone else is doing?

Why not just ease Bryan in?

​100% Daniel Bryan’s call.  Even before the clearance happened Daniel made it perfectly clear that he wanted to go somewhere and work a full-time schedule if he couldn’t do so in WWE.​