Roamin’ in the Rain

Bet you’ve been thinking “Yknow, no one’s asked me about Roman Reigns in what seems like AGES!” Well heads up.

So, one of the myriad excuses for why they HAVE to keep Reigns as a face is because he moves merch. Which got me thinking about another drab, dour motherfucker with permanent doucheface that I’ve had to keep watching get pushed for years: Orton. If I recall correctly (I’m sure your readers will chime in with exact figures and smug comments about how easy they were to find), Orton used to be a huge merchandise mover, often just behind Cena and trading the #2 spot with Rey, DX, etc. And he flipped from face to heel all the time, probably heel more often than face. So what’s the hold up with Reigns? Heels can sell merch, and his stuff looks like bastardized Affliction gear anyway, so why don’t they try selling it to adult tools?

​Because logic and previous experience apparently doesn’t enter into Vince’s mindset.  Honestly, though, Roman is DONE.  The heel turn needed to be three years ago, and it’s time to cut bait and give Strowman the shot at being top guy.  So of course Braun is doing a fucking tag team match on the PPV instead.  ​