Infinity War – Wrestling parallels

Hey Scott,

Like you, I thought the movie was incredible. But as I’m reading a bunch of the comments on your post as well as the earlier ‘spoiler’ post I couldn’t help but notice the similarity in gripes between the movie and wrestling. That is to say, IW leaves us with a seemingly obvious direction for the 4th installment and wresting very often does the same (except where Reigns is concerned) and that seemed to turn a lot of people off. Wrestling fans should generally have a good idea of how things are going to end up – same with the Marvel movies.

I guess my point is, even if you have reasonable expectations of how it’s going to end, isn’t the best part of being a fan taking the actual journey to get to the end? Very few movies swerve you in the end so it has to be how they execute the story – and Marvel has a tremendous track record to this point. Incidentally, I think that’s the larger problem with WWE. Their track record on the story telling is decidedly not tremendous so the outcome almost becomes less important.

Any thoughts?

​The issue is not even that the story is an obvious one to tell on WWE’s part, the issue is that it doesn’t make sense and it’s not a good story.  The ending of Avengers was a giant shock that made complete sense based on how the movie was proceeding and people just didn’t think they’d actually have the balls to end the movie that way.  But they did.  And it matches up with everything that Thanos had been saying for the entire movie.  The Avengers were basically like “Oh shit, we’re fucked” for the entire movie but they kept trying anyway because they’re heroes.  
On the flip side, the story WWE was telling was that Roman is the guy who “shows up every night” and beats everyone all year while Brock dispatches everyone with one F5 and then leaves for months, which leads to the big showdown between them at Wrestlemania.  Except that Roman does jobs for people like the Miz a few weeks before the show for no reason and looks like just another guy.  Then they have the match and Brock kicks his ass and beats him clean, just like he said he was going to do.  So then Roman is like “Duh, we’re gonna have a CAGE MATCH next and it’ll be different because reasons I can’t articulate, duh” and then Brock kicks his ass again in the exact same manner and Reigns stupidly spears him through the cage and costs himself the title this time.  And then Brock leaves for another 4 months and Reigns fights Samoa Joe for nothing next week.  Like, what a great fucking story.  ​Reigns looks like a complete clod who failed twice, and even worse, a babyface who makes a promise to the fans and then can’t deliver.  That’s why this was his death knell as the top guy.  Say what you will about John Cena, but he was very protective of the things he said and did as top guy, and if you were a young Cena fan, you were very rarely disappointed by him.