Jake Earthquake

Hi Scott,
One of my favorite memories of wrestling happened when I was eleven. Right after Mania 7 Earthquake attacked Jake and then squashed and killed Damian. I probably hadn’t been as sad since Barry turned on Lex and joined the horsemen. So what happened with this feud? Did they have a blowoff or did Jake just go away for a while and then turn heel at summerslam? Thanks for all you do!

They didn’t have a blowoff on TV or anything, but they worked a bunch of house shows around the loop.  I think I reviewed a couple of them and there was one of them featured on that Unreleased DVD if I’m not mistaken.  Anyway, it was mostly just something for Jake to do between Rick Martel and Ultimate Warrior, and it was dropped pretty quickly due to Quake getting repackaged with the Natural Disasters and such.