A series of events.

Hey Scott,

   Let’s say through a neverending series of misunfortanate events happening, you end up inhereting the WWE tommorow, who are the first 10 performers you would fire?  Also, I think Titus is going to get a huge push after this weekend.

Hopefully they don’t push him too hard, he might trip and fall.

As for who’s on the firing line, first thing I’d do is merge the women’s divisions and get rid of most of them.  One champion for both shows, and you can easily cut Ruby Riott, Alicia Fox, Liv Morgan, and Sonya Deville.​  Might as well get rid of Lana as long as we’re not kidding ourselves.  I’d also get rid of all the extra announcers, so farewell Byron Saxton, the robotic woman (Dasha?), the guy Jericho thinks is Tom Phillips (Mike?), David Otunga, and probably whoever that chick dating Finn Balor is.  There you go, 10 people immediately gone and no one even notices.