The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–01.30.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 01.30.82

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Cowboy Bill Watts

Dick Murdoch v. Tom Renesto

What, no Brian Blair squash to start this week? Murdoch works the arm and punches him in the nose on the mat, then takes him down with a flying headscissors and dropkick! Brainbuster finishes at 2:50. He was having some fun out there. 1 for 1.

Skandor Akbar lets us know that Sheik is gone from the territory, but rest assured that he’s not retreating, he’s just attacking in a different direction.

The Wild Samoans v. Frank Monte & Terry Daniels

The Samoans storm in, get rid of Monte, and finish Daniels with a samoan drop into a flying headbutt at 1:30. They don’t get paid by the hour. Or paid to sell, apparently. 1 for 2.

Brian Blair v. Carlos Zapata

Hey, there’s my Brian Blair squash where he’ll no doubt finish with either a figure-four or an abdominal stretch rollup. Blair immediately gets a slam and fires up, so Zapata backs off. Zapata works a headlock, but Blair rolls him up for two. Zapata tries his own, but Blair blocks him and forearms him down for two. And indeed, the abdominal stretch rollup finishes at 3:00. You’d think Blair would get a storyline or feud at SOME point here. 1 for 3.

Bob Orton & Paul Orndorff v. Junkyard Dog & Mike George

This is a pretty big match for TV. It’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA to start and the heels get chased to the floor, and Watts declares that JYD is a “one man strikebreaker.”


Probably not what he was thinking of. George fights off both heels in their corner and hauls Orton back to the babyface side for JYD to beat on him. Orton catches him with a knee out of the corner, however, and Orndorff chokes him down and follows with a clothesline. Dog escapes and makes a hot tag to George and he’s a house afire, but walks into Orton’s boot and gets beat up. Orton with a double clothesline into a big splash for two, but Dog gets another hot tag and noggins are knocked. The babyfaces collide, however, and the heels double-team George with an awesome Orndorff whip into an Orton flying knee, but now the HEELS collide and Dog finishes Orton with the THUMP at 6:11. Great little match with all action and a simple, fun story. 2 for 4.

Mississippi Title: Mr. Olympia v. Ed Wiskowski

Watts notes that Olympia has a huge bruise on his leg, but this is PRO WRESTLING, and if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Man, lots of guys in WCW would hear THAT line from him in 1992. Olympia works a headlock, but Ed suplexes him into the turnbuckles to escape and goes to work on the back. Abdominal stretch, but Olympia escapes with a hiptoss, then reverses a bodypress for two. Wiskowski catches a dropkick and turns it into a Boston crab, but Olympia makes the ropes and fights back. He slugs away and grabs the sleeper, and the Prince is out at 5:14. Man, they’re really putting that sleeper over big. And as usual, he makes sure to revive the man because he’s a sportsman. 3 for 5.

Meanwhile, in the match that is omitted from the Network collection for some reason, Ted Dibiase faces Paul Orndorff for the North American title three weeks back, in a match where DQs count as pinfalls. So we join it with Dibiase getting the figure-four, only for Orndorff to reverse it, and they roll out to the floor in that position. OUCH. Bob Roop pulls them apart and they head back in, where the ref is bumped to the floor. Paul gets his own figure-four while Dick Murdoch tries to assist the ref, but now Dibiase gets the deadly reversal, prompting Roop to come off the top rope and nail Dibiase. Orndorff winds up on top, and wins the North American title. However, in a hilarious twist, Orndorff decides to hit Dibiase with the belt to be a dick, so the ref calls for a DQ, and that means Dibiase gets the title back. That’s a pretty clever finish. 4 for 6.

Ted Dibiase v. Bob Roop

Paul Orndorff storms the ring and declares himself to be the special guest referee because he’s SICK of all the biased refereeing. He even brings the world’s greatest referee outfit, with white disco pants and what looks like a windbreaker that’s striped like a ref shirt. And indeed it simply turns into a heel beatdown on Dibiase, but Dick Murdoch makes the save and we’re gonna have to go with the standby match instead.

Bill Ash v. Rick Ferrera

They managed to find the two lumpiest, palest jobbers they could find hanging around the loading dock for this one, and they basically roll around slapping each other on the mat and Ferrera gets a rollup for two. He works the arm and we’re out of time at 2:00.

Next week: JYD & Mike George defend the tag titles against the Samoans!

Hell of a show this week.