The inevitable Saudi Wrestlemania

Hi Scott, 

If the Greatest Rumble is a success in the eyes of the Saudi government, how long do you give it before they buy a Wresltemania?

Say, in 5-7 years they allow women to wrestle in their Power Ranger alternate body suits, there is little downside for WWE to move Wrestlemania off the continent. It could open up the global markets even further for the WWE. Even if they keep the ladies out, I’m sure the Saudi government would pay more than handsomely for the rights. Heck, they could buy Network subscriptions for the entire population to sweeten the deal.

I don’t see the WWE backing down from a potential massive payday in lieu of some possible negative press.

What say you?

​I agree, I think we’re headed towards an international Wrestlemania someday, and given the money they made off this for almost zero effort, that day may be sooner rather than later.  ​