Some GRR questions.

I feel dumb asking these questions. But they have been on my mind.  

1. Do you think it any way shape or form any wrestler, female or male, protested this event in anyway?  They performers all seem to have a very tight bond and it must have went over like a fart in church to the women superstars. 
2. The event was WrestleMania- level big when it came to production. Did the wrestlers make a huge payday on this?
3. Last one –  how much do you think it got under Stephanie’s skin that she really couldn’t take one tenth of one percent of credit for any of this.  Let alone be a part of it?

​1. No, but poor Sami Zayn also got left home due to his heritage. 
2.  From all accounts, absolutely.  Money heals a lot of wounds.
3.  Probably a lot.  That won’t stop her from taking credit after the fact, though.