Infinity War

Hey, Scott, just wondering what you thought of Infinity War? I liked
it overall, but it fell just a little flat for me. It ended pretty
much the way I was expecting, though.

​Dude, you’re NUTS.  This was like the biggest and bestest superhero movie.  Everything happened and it all made sense to the girlfriends and wives, and the movie was like “We’ve got 2.5 hours and a lot of shit to cover and if you don’t remember Civil War then too fucking bad but here’s Black Panther”.  And the entire THEATER had this shocked gasp at the end that I’ve never heard before.  No spoilers for the specifics, but the Russos throwing up a subtitle that just says “SPACE” early in the movie pretty much sells it as the best thing ever.  ​Also, who wouldn’t want to have a friend who’s a tree?  Especially if you’ve taken Groot as an elective in college.
THIS MOVIE RULED.  Is what I’m saying.  I wanna go watch it again.