The 80s, etc.

I think you may have addressed this in the past, but the Andre the Giant documentary got me thinking. Somebody made the comment that Hogan beating Andre at WM3 basically ended the territorial era.
I am curious what you think are start and end periods for the following eras
Rock and Wrestling/80s Golden Age (Starrcade 83-WMVI?)
That’s a pretty specific era, actually, and it’s more specifically defined as the Hulkamania era.  Starting point is Hogan’s win over the Sheik in January of 1984, and end point is Warrior winning the title.  
Early 90s lull (Sting’s win at Bash until WM13?)
You could more properly call it The New Generation era, with WWF attempting to push a million guys in Hogan’s place.  That would run from Warrior’s win to the Montreal Screwjob.  
Attitude Era (Austin bleeds until Shane is on Nitro?)
Ruthless Aggression (Invasion PPV until the HHH reign of error?)
​Invasion until John Cena wins the belt at WM21.

Asking for a friend who might want to watch on the Network.

Sure, “a friend”.  Gotcha.  ​