Heel the World

There’s been many cases where a well done heel turn took a struggling face and put him/her in the right direction for success. In the past, we had the famous case of “Die Rocky Die” Rocky Maivia being turned legendary with his heel turn. In recent events, we’ve had the (surprising) success of Sami Zayn’s character being a perfect fit as a heel. Then there’s cases like Roderick Strong or Shinsuke Nakamura , where turns fixed so many issues perfectly that it’s surprising it took so long to figure it out. And then we have cases like Roman Reigns or Sasha Banks, where its begging for the heel turn we’ll probably never get.

Have there been any famous cases where the story/crowds dictated a needed heel turn for a wrestler, they did said turn, but it ended up not improving things for the wrestler or making things worse?

None have come to mind for me…

​Dolph Ziggler is one I’d say off the top of my head.  They kinda sorta turned Bayley recently and people were still like “Meh” as well.  I wouldn’t call either case “famous” though.  There was a point where I would have said the Usos, early into their reinvention, but then they managed to get the thug stuff over in a big way and pretty much they’re better than ever now. ​