WWF Superstars of Wrestling – June 22nd, 1991

June 22, 1991

From the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, AZ

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Randy Savage

This week, Big Bossman is guest on the “Funeral Parlor.” Plus, the debut of the Beverly Brothers. Others in action include the British Bulldog and more!


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Mark Ming

Vince talks about the overwhelming amount of mail they have received over a potential marriage between Savage and Elizabeth. Jake slams Ming as we see Andre in an insert promo saying both Jake and himself have a problem with Earthquake. Vince continues to goad Savage over the rumors as Jake hits a DDT for the win (1:26). After the match, Jake puts Lucifer on top of Ming.

Thoughts: Besides establishing an Andre & Jake partnership to go up against Earthquake they continued to press Savage about proposing to Elizabeth.


An ad for SummerSlam airs. It will take place on Monday night, August 26th.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is from last week when Tugboat turned on The Bushwhackers during his six-man tag match against Earthquake & Nasty Boys. Tugboat then aligned with his opponents. Okerlund then lets us know that Tugboat is now known as “Typhoon” and will team with Earthquake as part of the Natural Disasters. We now hear from the Natural Disasters and Jimmy Hart as they say no one can stop them, especially Andre the Giant. Okerlund says this is likely Hart getting revenge of being unable to sign Andre and will use them to run interference for the Nasty Boys. You would think after the previous segment where they established Andre & Jake as teaming up that it would lead to a tag match with the newly formed Disasters.


Rob Jones & Terry Zeller vs. Beverly Brothers w/ Coach

We learn the Beverly Brothers are named Beau & Blake. They are of course Wayne Bloom & Mike Enos of AWA fame. The Beverly Brothers take control as we hear from Coach with the Beverly Brothers in an insert promo as he claims his team is tough and smart and states he will make them champions. Because that is what a coach does. Blake drills Zeller with an overhead suplex then tosses him towards his partner. Jones tags in and the Beverly Brothers put him away with an elevated mat slam (2:36).

Thoughts: The Beverly Brothers looked decent enough in the ring but they debuted with little fanfare. They really do not have a gimmick and The Coach is not helping them get heat. According to Beau James, Vince originally wanted Jimmy Valiant to manage the team but changed his mind after seeing what he looked like at the time.


Another vignette of Sid Justice smiling airs.


Bill Lucas vs. British Bulldog

Piper tells us how Bulldog was beloved during the European tour. Bulldog overpowers Lucas as Vince continues to grill Savage about rumors he is engaged to Elizabeth while Piper claims to have seen flowers delivered to Elizabeth. Bulldog hits a vertical suplex as the announcers say this marriage could draw the biggest crowd ever. Bulldog then hits a corner clothesline before putting Lucas away with a running powerslam (2:27).

Thoughts: After the announcement of SummerSlam and Vince saying the Savage/Elizabeth marriage could draw the biggest crowd ever its clear this will be addressed at the PPV.


Irwin R. Schyster vs. Jim Colher

IRS tells the crowd when they get caught, they’ll pay the IRS before calling out Piper. Vince tells Piper to sit down and reminds him of his broadcast contract. IRS beats on Colher in the corner as Piper is fuming. Cohler is tossed outside as Piper says he’ll yank IRS’s tie as Vince states its a clip-on then IRS uses the Write Off for the win (1:35).

Thoughts: I do love how Piper said “Irwin” but the IRS character is not getting over with the crowds.


We see Piper on the cover of “Spotlight” magazine.


Funeral Parlor with guest Big Bossman. Bearer shakes his head “no” as Bossman says everyone knows he is the law and order of the WWF. Bossman then tells Bearer to watch his step and calls him a “creep.” We see clips of Mountie’s attack on Bossman as the Bossman warns Mountie he has nothing but hard times coming. Basic hype for the Bossman/Mountie feud.


WBF Report with Gene Okerlund. We are shown clips of the championship and good lord was this terrible. Its juiced-up bodybuilders doing campy routines that saw Gary Strydom win the championship. Okerlund then interviews Strydom after the show as the camera slowly goes over Strydom’s body. Okerlund is then shown speaking with Savage & Elizabeth after the event as they call it incredible and “macho.” Ultimate Warrior, wearing suspenders and jeans in a wardrobe that needs to be seen to be believed also puts over the event. Vince was out of his fucking mind thinking this would catch on as some sort of lifestyle.


Billy Gatlin vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

The announcers talk about the WBF as Piper & Vince tell Savage how smitten he was with Elizabeth. Savage replies that he always wears sunglasses thus no one is able to see his eyes. Valentine takes control as Vince tells Savage that Okerlund is investigating the engagement rumors. Vince tells us that Valentine has been in every WrestleMania to date and not showing signs of slowing down as Valentine uses the figure four for the win (2:25).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop for the announcers to talk about WBF and the Savage/Elizabeth rumors. Valentine is now being billed as being part of every WrestleMania, which is just a nice way of saying he is an old act. Tito Santana received that push heading into WrestleMania VII and has barely been seen since.


Mr. Perfect & Coach and Hacksaw Jim Duggan all put over Sid Justice.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Scott Baszo

Undertaker beats on Baszo then puts him away with a tombstone as Savage proclaims that Undertaker can go to the top, much like Sid Justice (1:29).

Thoughts: Another impressive win for Undertaker. Also, we got another high endorsement of Sid.


Next week in action are Texas Tornado, Virgil, The Dragon, and the debut of the Natural Disasters. Plus, Sgt. Slaughter as guest on the “Funeral Parlor” and more superstar comments about Sid Justice.


Final Thoughts: The Savage/Elizabeth marriage stuff continues to heat up and with SummerSlam officially announced the shows will start to focus on building up the PPV and towards a main event. Tugboat is now “Typhoon” and will team with Earthquake and we saw another tag team debut in the Beverly Brothers as the division is getting some new blood. And the massive hype for Sid Justice continues as the company needs new blood.