Series Consideration Debut Episode!

Hi Scott,


I know yourself and a number of BoD’ers are comic readers. So I thought this might be a good spot to shamelessly self-promote my new YouTube series. Though fair warning, it’s my first crack at any kind of filmmaking or editing, so I apologize
in advance for the amateurishness of it. I’m hoping to improve along the way.


Series Consideration is a video essay series examining and discussing graphic novels and completed comic book runs. My debut episode breaks down Scott McCloud’s graphic novel, THE SCULPTOR. And at the end of the video, I’ve given viewers
the choice of three books to cover for the next episode. Right now, I’m aiming for about once a month. If this takes off and my editing skills improve, I might start doing one every two weeks.


Anyway, hopefully you and the BoD will enjoy it.


​Best of luck!  ​