Just Get it Over With

Wouldn’t an elevation of NXT be the easiest, most non-embarrassing way to get rid of 205 Live? By that I mean Regal announcing that the next stage of global growth for NXT is bringing on board all of the international talent from 205 Live in a merge of the two brands.

It’s been long-rumored a new tournament is going to be a Latin American one. You know they are going to create yet another championship. So there ya go, take the cruiserweight title and rename it the Latin American Championship.

NXT then has World, North American, UK, and Latin American titles.

​I’m still not really OK with adding the North American title as it is.  Takeovers were fine with heavyweight, women’s and tag team titles and then a couple of underneath matches.  Adding more belts means LONGER SHOWS and they’re perfect the way they are.  Like really, what’s the point of the UK title, which is never defended in the UK?  Just kill 205 Live and be done with it, it’s failed, HHH hasn’t saved it, it’s just time to admit defeat and pull the plug.  ​