Independents on WWE Network

I remember reading a report last year that Progress and ICW were in the works to broadcast on the WWE Network. What’s the status on this and do you think it’s a good idea offering independent promotions?

Any idea on how UFC Fight Pass works? Does UFC get paid from all these MMA promotions that appear on their service?

I kinda like the idea of WWE Network one day being the PPV channel for wrestling. For instance, Impact probably got maybe 2,000 buys last night? Wouldn’t they rather broadcast on the WWE Network for 2 million people? 

Would an independent promotion’s PPV ever make it to the live 24/7 channel? Probably not it would just be on demand content but a second linear live channel for other promotions would be neat.

​Yeah, they’ve said on the last couple of conference calls that the tiered system is coming sooner rather than later, with offerings from guys like PROGRESS as a part of it.  Depending on how successful the new ITV promotion is will likely dictate how soon they want to launch and thus screw them over.  I’m fine with the idea because honestly my subscription at $10/month is paid for many, many times over as it is and I feel like I’m underpaying given how much content I’ve squozen out of it in the past few years.  Would I watch any of that stuff?  Probably not, but others might, and I’m all for it.  ​