Jerry Lawler

Hey Scott, where do rate Jerry Lawler as a performer? I know he is not technically sound, but, on the mike he is money. I know he has the one AWA title run, CWA, and World Class titles. Why did he never win NWA or even WWE titles? In 93 or 94, he could held gold in WWE with the lack of talent as a heel for Hart, Pefect, etc. Did WWE think he was too regional?

​Absolutely they did.  And in a way he was, because the best parts of his act were very specific to the Memphis and southern wrestling styles in general, but holy balls was he great at that style.  I think he could have easily won the WWE title from Miz in 2011 given how hot his comeback was and then dropped it back a week later or whatever.  There were definitely discussions about him getting the NWA title back in the Flair era, but he didn’t really want to leave Memphis and given how much money he was making there, why would he?  
But yeah, overall he’s great and knew exactly what to do to get himself over, and pretty much invented the formula that Hulk Hogan took national years later.