The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 01.23.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 01.23.82

Been a while since we’ve hit these, actually.

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & David Crockett

We start with the electrifying Sandy Scott, who announces that the Andersons have been STRIPPED of the tag team titles, so there’s TOURNAMENTS A-GOGO!  We’re having tournaments all over the world, covering all of America and Mexico as well.  TOURNAMENTS ARE AWESOME.

Austin Idol v. Vinny Valentino

Idol wrestles Valentino to the mat, and man, Bob Caudle can’t even watch the show this week without fantasizing about every wrestler being in the tournament and who their partner might be.  Perhaps Bob needs a hobby.  So the gimmick is that if you’re a wrestler, you put up $1000 and you can enter as many of the tournaments as you want as long as you pony up $1000 for each “entry fee”.  Figures a wrestling promotion would come up with a con like THAT.  Sounds like when Terry Garvin would need to “audition” ringboys.  Idol takes over with a cheapshot and pounds away in the corner, but Valentino makes the comeback, only to miss a blind charge like a complete doofus.  Idol goes to work on the knee while the announcers go over the labyrinthine rules for this tournament, as apparently the finals will be a best of 7 series on top of the complex multi-country tournament format.  Idol finishes with his Dusty Rhodes-like “figure-four” at 4:10.  Does he REALLY not have a submission move that he can actually execute properly instead of that?  0 for 1.

Jim Crockett Jr. talks about how yeah, this tournament format is a tad complicated, but this ensures that the best team in the world will win.  That is SO not how this mess ended up.  Others have linked to the information on the nonsense that this turned into, but suffice it to say that it completely fell apart early into the process.


One thing of major note:  David Crockett announces that the “WWF tag team champions”, Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura, will be entered into the tournament so they can have a shot at the belts as well.  Now, I’m assuming he meant the AWA champions there.  That’s quite the slip of the tongue, either way.

Jay Youngblood & Jake Roberts v. Chris Markoff & Ben Alexander

The babyfaces double-team Markoff to start and then work over Alexander (who looks like Luke Harper’s dad) with headlocks.  Youngblood throws chops into Jake’s kneelift, and Jay finishes with a flying tomahawk chop at 5:05.  Very fast-paced and Roddy Piper was great on commentary.  1 for 2.

Roddy Piper disgustedly reads over an issue of Inside Wrestling, detailing all the top tag teams who will be entering the tournaments.  Piper’s strategy:  Enter all the tournaments, win them all, and thus he’ll win more money than he can spend in a week.

Pork Chop Cash v. Tony Russo

Cash pounds Russo down and works a leglock, then finishes with a powerslam at 1:57.  1 for 3.

It’s time for our ANN ARBOR UPDATE, and wrestling will be returning there at some point, but we don’t know when.  But sometime!  In the meantime, Austin Idol cuts a promo about how tough and sexy he is.  Kind of funny that these poor guys literally have nothing to promote so they just have to go out and do a general character piece.  Case in point, Big John Studd would like us to know that he hates rednecks and all things associated with them, and especially the rednecks in Lansing who did a shitty job of fixing his Lincoln Continental.  That feels like a bit of a stretch, but he was sure passionate about the subject.

Ray Stevens runs down his tag team credentials, including multiple NWA title reigns with Pat Patterson and AWA title reigns with Nick Bockwinkel.  Johnny Weaver is also interested in the tournament, although he doesn’t currently have a partner.  But tournaments are very popular, he hears.

Killer Khan v. enhancement guy

Amazingly, this is from WWF All Star Wrestling, as Khan is apparently one of the guys entering the tournaments with an undetermined partner.  Yes, Vince McMahon on commentary on Mid-Atlantic.  Khan finishes the guy with a bunch of chops and a kneedrop after 2:00.  1 for 4.

Stan Hansen v. Luke Williams

From one of the other NWA syndicated shows.  Sadly, this isn’t Luke Williams of the Sheepherders, but just a random job guy from Ohio.  Stan beats on the guy and holds a chinlock, then drops a knee on his face and beats on him in the corner.  Lariat finishes at 1:35.  Nasty squash.  2 for 5.

Terry Taylor v. Steve Sybert

Taylor controls with armdrags, as I feel like they’re severely disrespecting the chances of former Channel 17 National TV champion Terry Taylor by not talking up his chances in the tournament more.  Sybert works a headlock on him while Caudle notes that Taylor is getting thousands of votes in the “Best of 1981” fan vote, even though he wasn’t really around in 1981.  Bob thinks it’s indicative of how much of an impact that Taylor has had already.  I think it’s indicative of these fans being morons who don’t understand what “1981” means.  Six of one, half a dozen of the other.  Sybert pounds on Taylor in the corner, but charges and misses, allowing Taylor to make the comeback with the devastating abdominal stretch rollup to finish at 4:45.  Meh.  2 for 6.

Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Jim Nelson v. Don Gilbert & Mike Davis

Davis holds his own momentarily against Nelson, but makes the mistake of tagging in his super-geek partner and Sarge proceeds to beating the hell out of him in the corner.  Nelson comes in with a chinlock, but Davis comes back in and immediately gets pounded by Slaughter knees to the gut and a vicious gutbuster.  Back to Gilbert, who walks into a Slaughter Cannon, and he actually lets Pvt. Nelson finish with his own cobra clutch at 2:55.  Awww, that’s so sweet!  But then Slaughter puts him in his own version of the hold to make sure he’s good and done for.  The man’s a perfectionist, what can you say?  3 for 7.

Ricky Steamboat talks about the tournament, just like everyone else this week.  Get used to hearing about that for the next few months.  The Mulligans are excited to eliminate the Slaughter team in the first round, because he could use the $25,000 prize money to buy some new cattle.  Dream big, little Blackjack!

Well you can’t say this show doesn’t have a focus at the moment.