Coliseum Video

Growing up in the Coliseum Video era, as a kid my favorite thing about it was seeing”marquee” matchups that you’d otherwise never see because the characters have no issue. e.g. I’m watching Big Bossman vs Rick Martel from Rampage ‘93 for some reason. I stumbled upon a shockingly entertaining Orient Express vs Power & Glory match earlier.

My question is, who from today’s era would you like to see in a meaningless one-off Coliseum Video match? Just for grins I’ll say Usos vs Revival, Tyler Breeze vs Seth Rollins, and Samoa Joe vs Killian Dain.

​I think something like Reigns & Rollins v. Gallows & Anderson would be a lot of fun, but honestly with the 3 hour RAW and 2 hour Smackdown every week, they burn through a LOT of combinations and it doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of fresh matches left.  ​