Triple H and Cruiserweights

In the last couple of years, Triple H certainly has come a long way. The job of taking NXT from a horrible competition show into what it is today is universally praised by the internet fans.

When it comes to his projects, the man is completely self-aware. This is why I think it’s incredibly odd that he’s even continuing on with 205 Live.

Do you ever get a sense of sadness for these guys? They are always going to be on kickoff shows. They are never going to be given a chance and just stuck in their own world wrestling each other forever. What if 205 Live was around in 2010 when Daniel Bryan debuted? We might not ever have seen him headline WrestleMania just 4 years later. What if Gargano went to the cruiserweight division in September 2016? We would have never seen him headline multiple Takeover specials.

I know all the 205 Live guys look like geeks, however, crazier things have happened. How do we know one of them isn’t the next top level guy? These guys deserve a chance to be assimilated into the 3 other rosters. Daniel Bryan in 2010 was as bland and geeky as they come.

​Daniel Bryan was bland and geeky in 2010 because that’s how they booked him.  
Regardless, I feel like if 205 Live wasn’t around, all these guys would just be fired and set off to work the indie scene anyway, not magically given chances on the main roster to get over.  People have said that the “new” 205 Live is better, but it doesn’t appear to be making any difference.  I still think they should just kill it and do something else if they MUST have that additional hour of TV.​