Howard Finkle

From the earlier Meltzer post about Bruno & MSG this caught my eye:

Finkel was the master of this, and he’d run down the card, and then the championship match, and you thought it was over. He’d subtly stop, and then say that there’s one more match, and he’d announce that name of the heel, who was always one of the top guys. “And he will face,” as his voice boomed, “BRUNO SAMMARTINO!” The place never failed to explode.

That right there really exemplifies why The Fink was so great at what he did, and made me think about how bad WWE’s ring announcers are. No offense to Jojo, but I really don’t think she’d be able to pull the above off. So that leads me to 2 questions:


1) Everyone loves Fink, but has there been any other ring announcers as good?
2) Is ring announcing a lost art? 
1. Not for my money, but Dave always says that Jimmy Lennon was the best.
2.  Hell yeah.  Now they’re too worried about making sure fans don’t get to chant “ONE FALL!”.