Frequent Finisher Victims

Dumb thought, but blog fodder: Was thinking about that old HBK/Orton feud where HBK kept superkicking Randy every week until they banned it, and it got me thinking: who’s taken a given finisher the most? You could do this for literally any of them, but for the sake of brevity let’s start with ten of the main-eventiest ones: 

Hogan’s Leg Drop 

​Feel like it would have to be either Flair or Savage.  ​

Sweet Chin Music (despite that Randy feud, I feel like this one has gotta be either Jericho or Trips, right?) 

​Gotta be HHH.  ​

Savage’s Elbow

​Pretty sure Ted Dibiase took that sucker 100 times or more in 1988.  ​


​Jerry Lawler.​


​Poor D-Lo Brown seemed to take it every week in the glory days.  He was really good at selling it, too.  ​


​That’s gotta be Kane!​

Rock Bottom

​I feel like it must be HHH by sheer volume of matches.  Maybe Kurt Angle?  ​




​Probably Edge.  ​




​I’m blanking on this one.  ​

Spear (Edge edition) 

​One of the Hardy Boyz, maybe?  ​

For bonus points, did any of those victims ever get better at countering the move in question? Going back to the Shawn example, I know at least all three of Orton/Jericho/HHH eventually started just punching him in the dick to interrupt the move, which was never not great. 

​Well, many people can reverse the AA now, and the tombstone is certainly a move that can be reversed as well.  Hard to counter Randy Savage flying off the top rope and dropping the big elbow, brother.  ​