WWF Prime Time Wrestling – June 10th, 1991

June 10, 1991

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan

This week’s guests are Davey Boy Smith, The Mountie, The Berzerker & Mr. Fuji, and Gary Strydom


The hosts run down the show then Bulldog runs out to say someone stole his dog, Winston.


The Warlord w/ Slick vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

This was from the 5/29 “Wrestling Challenge” taping in Tempe, AZ. The announcers put over Warlord’s strength as Duggan rallies the crowd. Warlord shoves Duggan into the corner a few times to start. Duggan fights back and takes Warlord down with a clothesline. Warlord bails after another clothesline and regroups with Slick. Warlord returns and clubs Duggan’s back before stomping away. Slick chokes out Duggan behind the referee’s back then Warlord uses a chinlock. Warlord taunts the crowd then hammers away but Duggan pumps himself up and fires away. Duggan knocks Warlord outside but gets pulled outside where the two brawl before getting counted out (5:11) 1/2*. After the match, Duggan grabs his 2×4 and clears the ring.

Thoughts: Not much of a match. They apparently did not want either guy to lose show we got the lame finish.


WWF Update from 6/8 “Superstars of Wrestling” that showed Earthquake’s attack on Andre the Giant.


Jake Roberts defeats Brooklyn Brawler from the 6/9 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The Berzeker and Mr. Fuji come out to the set. Berzerker says Mr. Fuji controls him then calls out the “pretty” weighlifters who lay in tanning beds while he lays on icebergs. Berzerker then says he lifts “mastodons” instead of weights and will not stop until Fuji gets what he wants. Berzerker then says there are two people in this world: victims and himself. Berzerker then kicks and punches while jumping around. After the break, Fuji shows us a traditional viking ceremony. He wants an audience member so Heenan volunteers Jameson. Berzerker grabs Jameson and ties him up on a wooden plank. Jameson yells at Heenan while The Berzerker yells. Some more Jameson comedy. This was nutty in an WWF “Tuesday Night Titans” sort of way.


Irwin R. Schyster vs. Rob Allen

This also aired on the 6/16 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Before the match, IRS tells the crowd he can freeze their assets and sell their houses as he calls out Roddy Piper. IRS beats on Allen then quickly puts him away with the Write Off (0:57).

Thoughts: More boring stuff with IRS. The match that aired on Challenge was in its entirety but I prefer the abbreviated version of a squash match instead.


We come back where Berzerker has put hay all around Jameson then tries to make a fire by rubbing sticks. Fuji then gives him a lighter but it doesn’t work as Jameson screams for help. Berzerker then kicks the hay all over the place and picks Jameson up and carries him off the set.


Jimmy Snuka defeats Bob Bradley from the 6/3 Madison Square Garden show.


Back on the set, Vince accuses Heenan of stealing Winston. Heenan says he never touched the dog and only took Matilda because he got bit while Winston never gave him a problem. After that Jimmy Hart & The Mountie come out to the set. We are shown the footage of the Nasty Boys and Mountie attacking the Big Bossman. Mountie tells Bossman to call the police if he didnt like what happened as Hart hysterically laughs. Mountie used an exaggerated Southern accent there. We return from break as Mountie said he tried to speak sense into Bossman but like all other hick cops he wants to fight first then ask questions later while promising us we haven’t seen anything yet. Good stuff.


We see a video of Sean Mooney with Jimmy Hart at a police station asking the cops who is the law and order in the WWF. Jimmy gets upset when the cops say it is the Big Bossman. Jimmy was amusing and Mooney did a solid job in his role. It ends with Jimmy accidentally getting locked in a cell while the cop said he does not have a key and the person who does will be back in 15 minutes.


The Big Bossman vs. Al Burke match from Superstars is shown but The Mountie shocks the camera to stop the match. Mountie then storms off the set.


Clip of WBF Superstar Vince Comerford on the interview platform with Gene Okerlund. This took place at one of the TV tapings. He puts over Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior as this is a brief plug for the Fitness and Nutrition Expo.


Power & Glory w/ Slick vs. The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji

This took place at the 5/28 “Superstars of Wrestling” tapings in Tucson. The match is also featured on the “Rampage 91” Coliseum Home Video in its entirety as opposed to being joined-in progress here. I am actually reviewing the Rampage 91 version. Both teams and managers jaw at each other before the match as Slick and Fuji especially get into it with each other. Match starts with Hercules overpowering Kato. Hercules gets headbutted in the corner as Kato follows with a few chops. Hercules fires away after blocking an Irish whip but misses an elbow drop. Hercules fights off Tanaka then tags out. Roma gets caught with a thrust kick after a nice Irish whip sequence but comes back to turn Tanaka inside-out with a clothesline. Roma gets a nearfall with a flying fist drop as Kato breaks that up. Kato tags and hits a jumping back elbow smash. He works a chinlock after an elbow drop then Fuji trips up Roma with his cane, prompting an argument between the managers. Tanaka is in and hammers away as the Orient Express cut off the ring. Hercules runs in to knock Tanaka off of the apron but that allows the Orient Express to hit a double team move as the ref ordered Hercules back to the apron. Roma puts his foot on the ropes to break a pin then leaps over a double clothesline as Hercules runs in to hit a double clothesline. Roma dropkicks Kato and covers for two as Power & Glory are now in control. Tanaka runs in with a flying forearm to help Kato take Hercules over for a sunset flip. Hercules then knocks Kato outside with an assist from Slick, who held down the rope. Fuji and Slick go at it again and have a shoving match as the two teams now brawl outside until they are counted out (8:28) ***1/4. Both teams keep brawling until several referees run out to separate the teams.

Thoughts: Really good match. The brawl afterwards looked great too. I don’t think there was any plans to turn Power & Glory but they were treated as babyfaces by the crowd and in how the match played out. This is a match to seek out as it was a lot of fun and on the WWE Network.


Vince once again grills Heenan on Winston’s whereabouts. We now get a split screen with the security guard as a camera shows Winston eating while Heenan takes it away and puts it in the back of a dog pound van, which pulls away. Back to the studio where the crowd boos as Vince flips out. Heenan claims Winston tried to attack a kid while Vince wants someone to get Bulldog to come out.


Roddy Piper says Virgil is his main man while Virgil’s sister “Virgilina” is his main girl. Virgilina will be here next week.


Bulldog is now out to confront Heenan. He stares him down then leaves to get Winston.


Barber Shop with Legion of Doom from the 6/9 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” is shown.


Vince brings out Gary Strydom as someone better looking than Robert Redford with the physique of Superman. Strydom hurts Heenan’s hand with a handshake as the camera zooms in on Strydom’s chest. Vince is obviously smitten with Strydom, who says he works hard for his physique and wants to show everyone at the WBF Championship. Vince puts over the WBF Championship as something that will redefine bodybuilding as Strydom wants to prove wrong the stereotype that bodybuilders are dumb. Heenan propositions Strydom to be his manager but Strydom declines as he doesn’t want to be a loser. Vince then wants Strydom to give us a sneak peak while we get 80’s porn music with Vince yelling “yeah” and “ooh” as this is essentially a basic cable version of gay porn.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Sgt. Slaughter w/ Gen. Adnan & Col. Mustafa

This match is from the 5/28 “Superstars of Wrestling” taping in Tucson, AZ. All three men attack Valentine in one pathetic sequence. Mustafa holds up Valentine, who ducks as Slaughter charges with his belt. Valentine then fires away on Slaughter and sends him outside. Slaughter comes in and begs for mercy while Mustafa tries to come in from behind but that fails. Slaughter goes up and over the turnbuckle and spills outside. Slaughter tosses a chair inside but Valentine heads out and chops him down. Back inside, Valentine beats on Slaughter in the corner. Slaughter takes control with a throat thrust then sends Valentine outside. We head back into the ring with Slaughter in control. Slaughter hits a backbreaker then heads up top but misses a knee drop. Valentine gets up and kicks out Slaughter’s leg then puts on the figure four but Mustafa distracts the ref, allowing Adnan to whack Valentine with a helmet. Slaughter then stumbles over to Valentine and puts on the Camel’s Clutch for the win (6:52) *.

Thoughts: The beginning was atrocious due to Adnan & Mustafa but it became okay once that stuff ended. Valentine has no direction and they are not going to job out Slaughter as he is still feuding with Hogan.


We now see Berzerker toss Jameson off of the roof as the announcers look completely stunned. That is dark, edgy stuff from the WWF to be honest.


Sid Justice promo airs. Vince tells Bobby that Justice could make him a rich man.


Jameson is shown screaming on a stretcher as Sean Mooney is asking him if he is hurt. We learned Jameson landed in a dumpster. Good deadpan humor from Mooney here as he has been great on this show.


The Rockers defeat Tom Stone & Tom Bennett from the 6/9 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear from Bret Hart as he puts over his ability as a singles wrestler. They were actually giving Bret a solid push at this point as he was being pushed as his own person instead of one-half of a tag team.


Bulldog returns to the studio with Winston. Heenan tries to run away but Bulldog uses the dog catcher’s net to drag him off.


Ted DiBiase defeats Dave Sigfrits from the 6/9 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Back in the studio, Vince is with Winston and Lord Alfred. After that we see Bulldog shove Heenan into the back of the dog pound van before it pulls away. Kinda predictable but it was harmless fun.


Final Thoughts: The Power & Glory vs. Orient Express match was awesome and there were some amusing segments throughout the show. Mooney had his best night as a WWF performer, IMO. The WBF stuff was overkill and the Strydom segment was great if you are Vince McMahon. Still, the WBF is going to be pushed as much as the wrestling until after the inaugural championship so get ready for more hype.