Undertaker’s future

So if Taker is going to be a Mania “special attraction” from now on, it actually opens up some creative possibilities rather than penciling him into a 20-plus minute match every year.

* the Andre battle royal….it'd be a cool image to see Taker winning and doing his bowing pose to the trophy after the match

* tag partner….a face is feuding with two or even three heroes leading up to Mania, leading the face to request Undertaker's help for Mania.  Taker gets to stand on the apron for much of the match and get the hot tag to get his routine in.

As to when he'd hang it up, it would be kind of cool if Wrestlemania 37 was in Los Angeles, so Taker could make it 30 years after his Mania debut, and in the same city at WM7.

​Look, the guy was so limited this year that he could only do a 2 minute squash of John Cena.  It's time to hang it up, for reals.  ​