Joey bats

Where does he rank for you on the all time jays list? On the one hand, no rings. On the other he did seem to bring a bit of legitimacy back, and even if the team wasnt doing good, you knew you were getting a show with him at the plate. In otherwords, canada barry bonds. 

​True story:  My wife and mother-in-law pitched in together and finally got me an authentic MLB Blue Jays jersey as a birthday present last year, and my request was either Batista or Josh Donaldson, so she got me Batista because she knew who he was from the home run meme.  So for me, Jose gets a lifetime pass and ranks super-high, even if the last season was a complete washout and waste of everyone's time.  Given I'm old, I tend to favor the glory years in general and don't really remember too much about the period where Carlos Delgado was the top dog for years.  Overall, my list of personal faves would go:
1.  John Olerud
2.  Roberto Alomar
3.  Joe Carter
4.  Josh Donaldson
5.  Jose Batista
Really though, the situation with Batista playing third base for the Braves' minor league team in a desperate attempt to stay relevant is akin to someone like Matt Borne hanging around the indie scene as “The Famous Wrestling Clown” years after the gimmick was already dead.  It's like, dude, you have your millions, just move into coaching or something if you want to keep wearing that uniform, but otherwise you're just embarrassing yourself and wrecking your own legacy.​