Hey Scott, hope all is well. I was wondering about two feuds that I cannot remember having a blowoff match.

1. Piper vs Orndoff, the matches I have seen between the two were intense. Why was there no culmination?
2. Tito vs Martel, I know they fought a few matches, but no real feud after the breakup.
3. Cactus Jack vs Orndoff, their matches were crazy for the time, why no payoff?

​1. Mostly because there weren't monthly PPVs at that point, plus Piper didn't do jobs anyway.  
2. They were pencilled in for Summerslam 89, but plans changed for whatever reason and it was changed to a six-man instead.  They had a million house show matches, though.  
3.  The company didn't really think much of Cactus at that point and they probably felt like the one match they did have was sufficient.