WWF Superstars of Wrestling – June 8th, 1991

June 8, 1991

From the Metro Centre in Rockford, IL

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Randy Savage

This week in action are Sgt. Slaughter, Big Bossman, Virgil, The Berzerker, and The Dragon. Plus, Irwin R. Schyster as guest on the “Funeral Parlor” and more!


Big Bossman vs. Al Burke

Burke attacks Bossman from behind but ends up getting destroyed. We hear from The Mountie & Jimmy Hart in an insert promo as they want Bossman to save himself trouble and go back to his small, hick town. Piper talks about cops getting a bad rap today in America as Bossman stays in control until he uses a sidewalk slam for the win (1:57).

Thoughts: More hype for the Bossman/Mountie feud with a sprinkle of social commentary from Piper. The line about cops getting a bad rap was the fallout from the Rodney King beating, which took place a few months prior.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We are shown Earthquake attacking Andre the Giant last week on the show. Okerlund calls it one of the most disgusting things he has ever seen. We then hear from Jake Roberts, who tells Earthquake the danger begins when you look a man in the face, not from behind. This pretty much tells us that Jake & Andre are going to form an alliance.


The Warlord w/ Slick vs. Red Tyler

Vince tells us that Andre refused medical attention last week. Warlord takes Tyler down with a shoulder block then follows with a gutwrench suplex. Vince plugs the Hulk Hogan Hotline and has some fun with Savage about that as Warlord uses the full nelson for the win (1:34).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop for the announcers to talk about Andre and plug Hogan’s hotline.


We are now shown a brief clip of a man smirking while we get some dark music. We will find out who this is later on in the show.


British Bulldog vs. WT Jones

Vince tells us that Bulldog will be on “Prime Time Wrestling” this week along with Winston. Bulldog hits a pair of arm drags and a slam as Savage suggests Jones teams with Red Tyler. We now hear from Mr. Perfect & Bobby Heenan in an insert promo as Perfect promises to give Bulldog a one-way ticket to the dog pound. Hilarious. Bulldog then hits Jones with a suplex and soon after that hits a running powerslam for the win (2:16).

Thoughts: With Bulldog being on “Prime Time” expect something to happen there. And I will be recapping that episode as well.


An ad for the WBF Championship airs.


The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Gary Jackson

Savage tells us he will be at the Personal Fitness Expo. Berzerker beats on Jackson then ties him up in the ropes and hits a pair of big boots to the face. Fuji & Berzerker are in an insert promo as Fuji laughs while Berzerker yells “Huss.” Berzerker hits a pair of slams in between jumping around and asking Fuji what to do next. Berzerker then tosses Jackson outside and runs the ropes while picking up another countout win (2:26). Berzerker then slingshots outside with a stomp as Savage tells us that move is called the “Bamboozle.”

Thoughts: The Berzerker stuff is lost with the fans. They are not reacting to this gimmick and Fuji does nothing for his act.


The Dragon vs. Dan Johnson

Johnson hits a pair of slams as Vince reminds Savage how Dragon beat him at WrestleMania III to plug the Hot Ticket PPV. Dragon fights back and hits some chops before finishing off Johnson with a flying body press (1:31).

Thoughts: They once again reference the Dragon’s past when he wasn’t stuck with such a lame gimmick.


Funeral Parlor with guest Irwin R. Schyster. Bearer gets congratulated by IRS for running his business by the book, unlike the other tax cheats in attendance. IRS promises that Bearer has a nice refund coming his way and quotes Benjamin Franklin’s line about death and taxes being the only two certainties in life. IRS then says no matter who he faces they will face the penalty. At least this was brief.


We see another clip of that man but this time he is angry. They now cut to the announcers as Vince says that Sid Justice will make quite an impact on the WWF. This is of course Sid Vicious from WCW and its clear he will be getting a major push here.


Virgil vs. Bob Bradley

Virgil knocks Bradley around as Piper puts him over. Bradley gets knocked outside as we hear from Ted DiBiase & Sensational Sherri in an insert promo as DiBiase tells Virgil he is taking the biggest gamble of his life by stepping into the ring with him. Virgil hits an enziguiri then dances and punches before using the Million Dollar Dream for the win (2:35).

Thoughts: More hype for the DiBiase/Virgil feud.


We see Berry De Mey getting ready for the WBF Championship, which is two weeks away. And that means we are going to see far too much hype for the event.


Sgt. Slaughter w/ Col. Mustafa & Gen. Adnan vs. Buck Zumhoffe

Slaughter hammers away on Zumhoffe, even uses a belt, as the announcers talk about “Slaughter’s Rules.” I hope Slaughter stiffed him. Slaughter drops Zumhoffe throat-first across the top rope as we see Slaughter has an article on his rules in “WWF Magazine.” Slaughter then puts Zumhoffe away with the Camel’s Clutch and even has Mustafa come in and use the hold (2:12).

Thoughts: They are still trying to put over the “Slaughter’s Rules” stuff for his house show program against Hogan.


Ultimate Warrior tells us about the Personal Fitness Expo. Earlier in the show we also had Savage talk about the event.


Next week in action are Ted DiBiase, Bret Hart, and a six-man tag of Tugboat & The Bushwhackers vs. Earthquake & Nasty Boys. Also, Mr. Perfect has a special announcement on the “Funeral Parlor” and we will hear other wrestlers give their thoughts on Sid Justice.


Final Thoughts: The big news here is learning that Sid is in the WWF. I did like the mysteriousness of the vignettes and thought they were well produced. Plus, the company desperately needs fresh blood. Besides that though there was a lot of WBF hype and not much else worth seeking out.