Wrestlemania 34 match time stats

Good evening Scott,

Given all the justified itching about the length of Wrestlemania, here is an article with the runtime of the matches and segments in the show.  It looks like the author has done similar work for PPvs for a while now.  

For me, the show's momentum screeched to a halt at the 1/2 hour of Elias, Cena/Undertaker, followed by the HOF stuff.  

​That is some impressive nerdery!  And yeah, highlighting just how out of control the ga-ga and video packages and ads have become really shows where the fat could be trimmed.  Especially that goddamn Paige movie promo, which I felt like I watched a million times that weekend.  It's one thing if you're cramming all this bullshit into the TWO HOUR pre-game show, but their insane notion of selling the Network for free to artificially pump up sub numbers means that they have to give the hard sell to paying customers as well as freeloaders.  It's really insulting.  ​