Poorly booked Women’s Revolution….

As you know, WWE is seemingly obsessed with creating moments for this Women's Revolution.  So why is it that they also seem to do something to snatch these moments away from their female Superstars?  Let's take a look at it….

They have their first Women's Money in the Bank ladder match…….and they have a male grab the briefcase to win.

They have their first Women's Royal Rumble, which is pretty good, and they have a stare down between the winner and the first female champions……and the moment is immediately taken away from them, and given to Ronda Rousey (who wasn't even in the Rumble).

They have Charlotte defeat Asuka, ending her 500+ match winning streak…..and in the middle of focusing on Charlotte's celebration and Asuka's anguish, they cut to John Cena being told about the Undertaker being here.  The segment ends with the attention on Cena.

So what is this?  Typical WWE poor booking (regardless of gender), or does WWE not even get the message they're trying so desperately to send?

​The message is that Stephanie invented women's wrestling, and anything else is superfluous.  ​