Wrestlemania 33

Taker doesn't retire

Cena and Nikki don't get married and split up 
Neville and Aries are gone from the company 
Bray goes from WWE Champion to pre-show run-in
Bayley is a jobber
Mojo Rawley won something 
Roman loses to Brock at 34

Every day that show turns into more of a waste of 7 hours.

However, those Miz and Marise parody skits of John and Nikki are even funnier now.  

Oh man, WHY didn't we get a promo from Miz about the Cena situation tonight?  
Also, what the fuck was the point of Cena vs Undertaker exactly?  He spends weeks calling UT out, gets squashed in an impromptu match, and then disappears to Hollywood with no follow-up and now Undertaker is randomly facing Rusev…uh Jericho…no I mean Rusev in Saudi Arabia.