Another Asuka/Charlotte question

Hi Scott

I was thinking that if it was either a case of Asuka OR Charlotte for the big dream Rousey match then why did they book the match in the first place?

Charlotte could have done something with someone like Becky and Asuka could have Warrior/Honkeyed her way through Alexa (the Nia feud was well done but seemed chucked together late in the day).

That way you keep both strong and have TWO big time matches for Ronda down the line. 

It just seems to me like they booked themselves into a corner by making the match in the first place. 


​Whole-heartedly agree. Also, why aren't people angrier about Charlotte breaking the streak and then immediately losing the belt to Carmella?  The whole thing ended up being a complete waste of everyone, to be honest.  ​