Saudi Arabian Rumble

Hey Scott,

How do you feel about the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble? I've gone from being mildly intrigued to absolutely fascinated by it, and not just because King Salman has booked one hell of a card.

If you had to estimate, how much do you think the Saudis paid WWE in order to make it worthwhile to: manufacture a supercard in a matter of weeks right after WrestleMania; cancel a weekend of house shows at the company's hottest time of the year; interrupt the women's revolution/evolution with a major event that the women literally cannot participate in because they are women; transport everyone (except the women, of course, because they have vaginas) around the world for one show; book a card that rivals just about anything that the company will probably book anywhere else this year; and be valuable enough to justify the cost of bringing along Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Cena, Jericho, Rey Mysterio, HHH, and probably some surprises for one night, on the other side of the world, in front of an audience that is probably completely papered? Oh, and let's not forget that this show is in an open-air stadium — so, not only is it an outdoors show with all of the complications that come with those, but it's outdoors in Saudi Arabia where the AVERAGE temperature in late-April is close to 100 degrees. Like I said, this whole thing is totally fascinating on so many levels. I know it's a multi-year deal between WWE and Saudi Arabia, but would you think the Saudis are paying for transportation and production costs on top of everything else? As a public company, is WWE be required to share the details of individual deals like this one in their quarterly reports to the SEC?

(Also, doesn't it seem like there are dozens of better names that they could have given this event? “Greatest Royal Rumble” is pretty lazy.)

It is indeed a fascinating trainwreck on many levels.  They're pretty much going to have to announce the number in the next investor's call, and Meltzer keeps hinting that it's into the millions.  We'll see how it sustains after the first show, I guess.  But I just hope to hell it's not another 5 hour show, especially on a weekday, because that dog don't hunt.