WWF Wrestling Challenge – May 26th, 1991

May 26, 1991

From the Brown County Arena in Green Bay, WI

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Jim Neidhart

This week in action are Earthquake, Big Bossman, The Dragon, and The Bushwhackers. Plus, Mr. Perfect as guest on the “Barber Shop” and more


The Bushwhackers vs. Brooklyn Brawler & Dale Wolfe

Brawler fires away but Butch pokes his eye and bites his ass. The match breaks down with The Bushwhackers marching around after clearing the ring. We now hear from The Bushwhackers in an insert promo saying how Summer time is a fun time. The Bushwhackers now beat on Wolfe and put him away with a double gutbuster (2:35).

Thoughts: Not even a mention of The Bushwhackers feud with Power & Glory.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as “Superstars of Wrestling” with Mr. Fuji trying to woo Andre the Giant but ended up getting his face shoved into a cake.


Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Gary Richards

Earthquake destroys Richards to start. We then hear from Hart in an insert promo as he promises to have the biggest announcement in WWF history very soon. Heenan says that it is “giant” news. Earthquake then pretends Richards is Jake Roberts and hits a sit-down splash for the win (2:12).

Thoughts: The real story here is Hart’s announcement. Heenan’s comments do give you a hint about what it could be.


WBF Superstar Tony Pearson does sit-ups while telling us to take notice at the WBF Championship.


The Dragon vs. Brian Costello

Heenan lets us know that The Dragon will appear on “Prime Time Wrestling.” Costello fires away but Dragon chops him down. Dragon fights off Costello and slingshots him into the corner. Dragon then hits a slam and follows with a flying chop before the flying body press gets the win (2:23). After the match they show Dragon’s entrance and fire breathing as Gorilla tells us he will be leaving his mark in the WWF.

Thoughts: Dragon continues to rack up wins on TV but does not appear to have any actual direction. He’s just aimlessly floating around the midcard like The Berzerker or The Warlord.


The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Gary Jackson & Dan Robbins

Jackson knocks down Kato before taking him over with a hip toss. Kato hits a back suplex as Gorilla tells us Heenan has been calling the Hulk Hogan Hotline. The Orient Express now beat on Robbins then put him away with the super kick/bridging German suplex combo (1:19).

Thoughts: A backdrop to plug the Hulk Hogan Hotline. The Orient Express are being used to put over The Rockers at house shows.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. He tells us about WWF Superstars that are dedicated to the gym and are respected by the WBF competitors. Mooney tells us about the WBF Championship then we hear from Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage before bodybuilder Danny Padilla, known as the “Giant Killer,” is shown working out.


Another ad for the WBF Championship airs. An awful lot of this on the show.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. WT Jones

Heenan jokes that Jones is Virgil. Valentine takes control early by working the arm. Jones now talks trash but Valentine slams him then heads out and beats him down. Valentine now rolls Jones back inside but gets attacked in the corner. Jones misses a high knee in the corner then Valentine softens up the leg and uses the figure four leg lock for the win (2:26).

Thoughts: Valentine was somewhat considered as an Intercontinental Title threat at the time but did not have any real feud going on and would soon be lost in the shuffle.


Barber Shop with guests Mr. Perfect and Bobby Heenan. Beefcake asks them about the British Bulldog as Perfect says he is a deserving #1 contender. Perfect also says Bulldog wants to bring the Intercontinental Title back to England because they have never won anything. Heenan then makes jokes about cooking up Winston but Beefcake says Bulldog is going to sink his teeth into the belt. Perfect then tells Bulldog if he wants to take the belt, he is barking up the wrong tree as Heenan is in the background saying “woof, woof.” The dog puns in all the build for this feud have been horrendous. I’m sure Vince thinks its great but to anyone else watching it makes the feud feel like a joke and that is a bad thing considering it involves the IC Title.


Tom Stone vs. Big Bossman

Bossman beats on Stone as we see Mountie & Jimmy Hart in an insert promo. Gorilla accuses them of orchestrating the attack on Bossman as Mountie says Bossman is nothing but a local, hick cop. Bossman stays in control then puts Stone away with a sidewalk slam (2:23). After the match, Bossman cuffs Stone to the ropes before leaving.

Thoughts: More hype for the Bossman/Mountie feud. This will be one of the main TV feuds going forward.


Dave Sigfritts & Kevin Kruger vs. Power & Glory w/ Slick

Hercules beats on Sigfritts then tosses him outside. Roma heads out and slams Sigfritts on the floor while Hercules attacks Kruger. Power & Glory now beat on Kruger until they put him away with the Power Plex (3:18).

Thoughts: Power & Glory are back to using the Power Plex here but they are still spinning the wheels near the bottom of the tag team division.


Next week in action are the British Bulldog, Nasty Boys, Virgil, Irwin R. Schyster, Texas Tornado, and Tugboat.


Final Thoughts: Not much of a show at all. Lots of matches featuring bottom of the card talent to go along with the nonstop WBF hype. The next few weeks of TV are gonna get a bit rough for the most part.