WWF Superstars of Wrestling – May 25, 1991

May 25, 1991

From the Metro Centre in Rockford, IL

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Randy Savage.

This week in action are Mr. Perfect, Nasty Boys, Bret Hart, The Mountie, and The Rockers. Plus, Jake Roberts as the guest on the “Funeral Parlor.”


Mr. Perfect w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Jim Evans

Vince asks the announcers what Winston thinks of Mr. Perfect then we see Winston in an insert licking his chops and raising his paw. Perfect beats on Evans as Piper brings up Matilda’s name. Perfect then puts Evans away with the Perfect Plex (2:02).

Thoughts: Once again, having this feud revolve around a dog just doesn’t make anyone care.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. After plugging the Coliseum Home Video release of “Supertape 4,” we see footage of Mr. Fuji trying to woo Andre the Giant at a restaurant. Fuji wants to teach him devious ways but Andre is hesitant. Fuji then said he will make a lot more money and that piques Andre’s interest. A cake is then brought out to the table but Andre shoves Fuji’s face into it as the patrons laugh. Okerlund then says there is another manager vying for Andre’s talents. And we will see that soon enough.


Warren Bianchi vs. Tugboat

Savage believes that Jimmy Hart can land Andre the Giant. Bianchi kicks Tugboat then rakes the eyes but Tugboat tosses him into the corner. Tugboat follows with a clothesline then we hear from him in an insert promo saying when the big fish wade into the water with Tugboat they will be just a sardine swimming with a shark. Tugboat then hits Bianchi with an avalanche before getting the win with a splash (1:40). Vince notes that Tugboat has been more aggressive lately.

Thoughts: With Tugboat referring to himself as a “shark” and Vince telling us he has been more aggressive lately the company is really trying to tell us something.


WBF Star Troy Zuccolotto talks about not being worried about the WBF Championship competitors because they do not stand a chance compared to himself.


Col. Mustafa w/ Sgt. Slaughter & Gen. Adnan vs. George Anderson

Before the match, Slaughter backs Anderson into the corner and gets in his face. We now hear from Jim Duggan in an insert promo as he wants us to think about the soldiers on Memorial Day and will take care of Mustafa. Anderson gets beat down then Mustafa puts on the Camel’s Clutch for the win (1:23).

Thoughts: Mustafa is just horrible and the crowds do not care whatsoever. His feud with Duggan continues.


Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Gary Wilde

Savage puts over Bret’s new jacket and matching attire as Bret gives a young boy his glasses. Vince talks about the Hulk Hogan Hotline as Bret works over Wilde. Bret stays in control then puts Wilde away with the Sharpshooter (2:40).

Thoughts: An easy win for Bret as they are starting to actually push him as a singles act.


Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Red Tyler & Buck Zumhoffe

Knobbs takes Zumhoffe and rubs his face into Sags’ armpit. We now hear from the Nasties and Hart in an insert promo running down the Legion of Doom. The Nasties now beat on Tyler as Piper puts over their teamwork then finish off Tyler with a running powerslam/flying elbow drop combo (3:23).

Thoughts: The Nasty Boys really did look good as a team in the beginning. They moved around the ring well and did not have boring matches. Their feud with the Legion of Doom continues.


The Bushwhackers tell us its the time of year for WWF Ice Cream Bars then proceed to rub them all over their faces.


Funeral Parlor with guest Jake Roberts. Bearer asks Jake if he had a funeral for Damien and buried him in a pet cemetery to piss him off. Bearer continues to goad Jake as we see a clip of Earthquake squashing Damien but it cuts away to Jake’s face before Earthquake hit the bag. Jake then says Bearer fears the living and his box is not big enough for Lucifer. Bearer says he is the mortician and it will work then lifts open the casket and runs away as Lucifer was inside.  Jake then says both Lucifer and himself were born “very bad boys.”


The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Ricky Rice

Mountie beats on Rice and uses his control techniques. The Mountie is with Hart in an insert promo and says the only Memorial Day he’ll celebrate is the statue of himself that will be built in Cobb County, GA. Mountie roughs up Rice some more then puts him away with a two-handed chokeslam (1:55). After the match, Mountie cuffs Rice to the ropes and shocks him with the cattle prod.

Thoughts: I did like the shots at Bossman by Mountie. He was really amusing during this feud.


We get an ad for the WBF Championship. Its voiced over by Vince and we get tons of closeups on the competitors physiques. Vince is truly insane to think this would interest the public.


The Rockers vs. Al Burke & Bob Bradley

Marty works the arm of Bradley then tags out as Vince says both Bearer and The Undertaker will be on “Prime Time Wrestling.” The Rockers work over Burke then put him away with a double flying fist drop (2:00).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop for the announcers to plug “Prime Time Wrestling.” The Rockers were still feuding with the Orient Express on house shows.


Next week in action Earthquake, Texas Tornado, Legion of Doom, and Ted DiBiase.


Final Thoughts: This show was just as focused on hyping the WBF than it was on the current product. And that would intensify over the next few weeks. There were not any noteworthy segments or featured matches as the post-Mania TV slump was starting to show.