What now for several WWE Talents

Coming out of Mania and with the Superstar Shake-up coming up, what happens now for so many of the guys who don't have a direction?

What does Cena do, there isn't anyone left for him to feud with, unless it is someone new from NXT

How does Braun Stroman go forward now that he isn't in the tag team ranks?  Perhaps go to Smackdown and win the US title from Jinder?

If Rollins is the IC Champ going forward who is the best opponent for him?  Do they do a babyface feud with Finn Balor or perhaps turn Bobby Roode heel if he comes to Raw?

Any good ideas?

​I'd definitely move Strowman to Smackdown to get him away from Roman. Putting the US title on him would be infinitely more prestigious than having it on Jinder, but it sounds like we get the honor of sitting through another Jinder-Orton PPV match before that anyway.  I'd just put the WWE title on Braun and let him run with it, but they seem like they're gonna do the Nakamura rematch first, so maybe have Shin win the belt to blow that off and then do Nakamura-Strowman at Summerslam?  
With Rollins, I feel like they could easily turn Balor and have the Club run roughshod for a while, although with all the LGBT stuff it might be tricky to have Finn suddenly be a heel for PR reasons.  But I still feel like Club v. Shield is ultimately a money feud.  ​