Update on the Movie

Hi Scott,

I was reading one of your old RAW rants (from August 13, 2001, to be specific) and at the beginning you give an “update on the movie”. This refers to a movie being financed by the same people that did “Tomb Raider” and shooting in Wisconsin. Most intriguingly, you say it looks like Bruce Campbell will be playing the lead. I can't find a reference to that movie in any other review. What was this and how were you involved in it? I'll be really thrilled if the answer is “Bubba Ho-Tep”, as that ended up being one of my favourite movies of the 2000s.  

I'm happy to know that you're a fan of Campbell. It's nice that we have other common interests besides wrestling. Are you digging “Ash vs. Evil Dead”? By the way, thank you for all of your writing. I've been enjoying it for probably close to 20 years now and love visiting your blog (and occasionally participating in discussion there) every day.

Ha, there's a random reference I haven't thought about in a while.  That guy was a complete whackjob as it turned out.  He basically contacted me out of the blue offering me a job on the “movie” and making promises to fly me out and do whatever job.  I think it was script supervisor.  He made all these promises about finances and how John Cusack and Bruce Campbell were attached to star in it.  He had some vague description of the script and it was some kind detective movie, I think.  Anyway, it proceeded through email and then we had a two hour phone conversation where he came off like a completely delusional nutbar and then I never heard from him again. Later, I believe he contacted Chris Hyatte trying to promote whatever fake movie was in his head and tried to make it sound like it was totally still happening and he had actually promised nothing to me or whatever.  It was pretty hilarious.  I think his goal was to solicit money from me and I wouldn't ever bite on it, but I honestly have no clue.  
Anyway, maybe he turned out to be Max Landis or something, I dunno. I didn't even remember his name and hadn't thought about it since then.