Tag matches at WM, Stevie Richards & Eddie

Just read your Wrestlemania 20 rant again and was inspired to send a few questions your way. 

1) The Rock & Sock vs Evolution match is actually one of my all-time favorite Wrestlemania matches, just based on how fun and easy to watch the whole thing is. I felt that the Rousey tag match this year had a similar vibe, with a super hot crowd mid-show, the right blend of new and old talent, and just great energy from everyone involved. Why don't they do more stuff like this at Mania? Since they're so intent on getting the legends on the show anyway, featuring the old guys in tag matches where they get their shit in for the crowd while putting over the new guys/gal seems like a no-brainer. 

2) Had it not been for Benoit going off the deep end, where would Benoit and Eddie closing Mania in the ring together with both world titles have ranked among your favorite moments as a fan? 

3) I know that Eddie reportedly didn't take the pressure of being champ very well and beat himself up over Smackdown maybe not doing the best numbers with him on top. Were there ever any reports of Benoit feeling similarly? 

And on a related note, did Benoit even care about his spot in the later years once he moved back down the card? He's one of the more difficult guys to read, but he seemed to me a guy who was content with going out there and (unfortunately) putting his body on the line for the sake of making his matches look as real and crisp as possible every night, regardless of where he was positioned on the card. Do you think he ever lost sleep over never really being in the spotlight again after the pair of classics he had against HHH and HBK at WM and Backlash? 

4) Thoughts on the Big Dog Roman Reigns? Did his most recent pipe-bomb promo give him enough momentum heading into his unforgiving cage match with the Beast Incarnate? 

​Maybe he should have put the locker room on notice, too.
So with Benoit, he didn't seem to care particularly while he was, you know, sane, but at the end it was apparently a pretty major point of contention for him that he was getting phased down into the training role, and in fact wasn't told that he was winning the ECW World title at the PPV he no-showed. And he had been pretty depressed about that match, feeling like he was just putting guys over with no payoff.  Obviously if he had been in a more normal state of mind it wouldn't have mattered, but people seemed to think it was one of the things that really set him off at the end.  
And as to the first question, they should do a lot of stuff better with the legends, but instead we get stuff like RAW 25 with the same old guys doing the same old shtick and looking like goofs.  It is what it is.​