Literal burial of RusevDay

First his chants are ignored and he and a English couldn't even tag title shots vs Usos. Then he is jobbed at WrestleMania to JINDER FN MAHAL. Last night he loses again, because the works NEEDED more Orton vs Jinder… Now they book Rusev in… a CASKET MATCH with Taker in Saudi Arabia. This has got to be the clearest troll job by Vince ever. I can almost hear him laughing about burying the guy all because we booed Roman at Mania… WTF??? The guy moves merch… from an economic standpoint I just don't get it.
​More importantly…HOW LONG IS THAT GODDAMN SHOW GOING TO BE?!?  10 matches, with a 50 man Rumble that alone is going to have to run 90 minutes. Like, holy shit, enough already.  ​