WrestleMania Expectations

Hey Scott.

This year's WrestleMania was quite the up and down ride. I went into it somewhat optimistic, had fun with the first half, and then suffered through the nose dive it took in the second half.

For you, have you had a WrestleMania that….

1. You were pumped for but ending up being a disaster
2. You were kind of “meh” before the show but ended up having fun
3. Anything similar to my experience with this years Mania

Thank you!

​1.  Yeah, Wrestlemania 2000.  Me and my stupid friends were stupid enough to sit through that entire pre-game show and we were super pumped to see the Rock win the title from HHH because they had done a great job of building it up and were on a roll with the Rumble and No Way Out 2000, and then the show just sucked.  Well, I mean, the ladder match was amazing, but the rest not so much.
2.  ​Wrestlemania XIX.  Even though HHH-Booker was a downer, this remains one of the few modern-era WMs where I've grown to like it the more I watch it.  Angle v. Lesnar wasn't doing much for me beforehand and Rock v. Austin just seemed like something for both guys to fill time with, but they all pulled it out and if Brock had that damn shooting star, this would have been an all-timer.
3.  No, this year's show was really a unique experience because it was the most excited for a WM I had been in years, and by the time I got to Ronda/Stephanie I was almost giddy and thinking that we were looking at a contender to dethrone X-7, and then there was a point where I was texting with my friend during the show and I realized that there was still four matches left and we were already 3.5 hours into the show and it really deflated me.  It was just too long and couldn't sustain, and the only wrestling show I've ever seen actually sustain was WrestleKingdom, mostly because they kept all the stupid crap to the early part of the show and then built to all the great matches at the end.