So many questions…


What does Vince hope to achieve with Roman to be so persistent after 4 years?

Is it peer pressure from shareholders to make Roman the centrepiece? In a world where PPV buys don’t matter why does it matter so much who is the “face” of the company?

A crowd that cheers Roman once is all Vince is after? If that is so important why not just pipe in fake crowd noise, why try so hard for so long for no monetary payoff?

​I'm sensing another trend on the blog this morning.  
I don't know why it matters so much, either.  Especially on a show that was as stacked as Wrestlemania and then a main event that no one wanted to see killed off the crowd.  And it's not like it was a secret that it was going to happen, we were all saying from the moment that Roman won the Chamber that the match was going to have Goldberg-Lesnar '04 heat and putting it on last would be a complete disaster.  ​