Couple of post WM questions

1. Brock = Goliath clearly, so who would be the best 'David'? If we're talking triumph over adversity and massive disadvantage then Gargano, but that feels like too soon to do. Probably the better option at this point would be a year-long build of 'comeback
kid' Daniel Bryan, with essentially Brock signing for another year before heading off to UFC (I wrote that before it was announced). Then once Bryan wins at WM35, have Strowman destroy him in the summer to set up their next monster champion?

2. As has been mentioned earlier on this blog, Reigns is 'Luger'at this point It feels like he's been given several opportunities to be portrayed as the next Cena/Hogan but for some reason, they leave him coming up short? Are the office being too indecisive
in pulling the trigger, or has fan's reaction to the situation stopped them from positioning him as top guy? Does his act need freshening up (injury angle lasting 12 months and come back as a heel)?

​1.  I'm still not convinced Brock is signed for anything more than one match, since they were so careful not to announce any terms or contract length this time.  I don't think there's a David, I think Brock is dropping the title to Sheik Roman for the oil baron money and leaving with Heyman. ​Then they can repackage Roman into Sultan Reigns and have him see the light and start interrupting women's matches.
2.  See my brilliant idea for freshening up Reigns in #1.