WWF Prime Time Wrestling – May 14th, 1991

May 14, 1991

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan


Clip from last week where Animal of Legion of Doom moves Heenan’s car out of the way so a pregnant woman can get by him. We now see the pregnant woman on security cam demanding to see Heenan.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Mr. Perfect (c) w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine 

This is from the 4/16 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Cedar Rapids, IA. Also its a rarity to see a title match exclusive to Prime Time. Perfect avoids Valentine then slaps him after a break in the corner. He ducks outside and regroups with Heenan then tries to trap Valentine but fails. Valentine sends Perfect into the corner with an atomic drop then takes him down with an elbow smash. Perfect comes back and chops Valentine hard in the corner but Valentine ends up returning the favor. Valentine headbutts Perfect in the groin then kicks his leg out as Perfect is scooting around on the mat begging for mercy. Valentine softens up the leg then puts on the figure four. Heenan reaches in the ring with his towel as Perfect grabs that. Valentine heads out to back off Heenan then Jimmy Hart runs down and kicks Valentine from behind. Perfect tries a sneak attack but Valentine was ready and rams his leg against the post. Perfect is hobbling around the ring pleading with Valentine but ends up getting stomped. Valentine drops Perfect with a punch then covers for a two count. Valentine goes back to the leg then goes up to the second rope but misses an elbow drop. Both men collide in the middle of the ring then Heenan gets up on the apron to distract the ref. Hart tosses Perfect the megaphone but Valentine takes it and whacks Perfect. Things break down as Valentine grabs Hart but Perfect whacks him with the megaphone then covers but the ref rings the bell for the DQ (8:54) **3/4. After the match its a 3 on 1 attack but Valentine takes the megaphone and clears the ring.

Thoughts: Fun match and the finish tells us that Hart still wants revenge on Valentine. With both Honky and Bravo gone (although Bravo would be back soon enough) and Earthquake in a feud with Jake there is no one else left in the Hart Family for The Hammer. Perfect was great here in selling for Valentine and these two hit each other hard. Crowd was into Valentine a bit too.


The WWF Update segment where Slick tried to court Andre the Giant but ended up getting locked in the trunk of a limo from the 5/11 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Back in the studio the hosts plug the Hulk Hogan hotline then Lord Alfred tells us about the prizes you can win, including a grand prize of going to a live PPV show.


Jim Duggan defeats Tony Bennett from the 5/5 edition of “Wrestling Challenge” airs.


Koko B. Ware is now in the studio after a spirited introduction by Vince. Koko is trying to get the crowd to do the bird dance. After the break he sings with a choir.


Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Tom Stone & Doug Waylon

This is also from the 4/16 Challenge tapings. The Nasty Boys beat on Stone to start. Waylon tags now and suffers the same fate until he is put away with a running powerslam/flying elbow drop combo (3:34).

Thoughts: Dull squash to put over the Nasties, who continue to feud with the Legion of Doom.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear from the Legion of Doom as they talk about being the #1 contenders and that the Nasty Boys are not going to be able to dodge them.


Back in the studio, the Texas Tornado comes out. Tornado says some awful joke about Heenan but it still has Vince cackling like a lunatic so we know who crafted the line. Vince then introduces us to the Roddy Piper vs. Rick Martel match from the 5/11 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Back in the studio, Tornado talks about his physical fitness and tells the kids to get into shape so they do not look like Bobby Heenan. Vince then talks about the Personal Fitness Expo at the WBF Championship. They now invite Jameson down from the crowd as Tornado said he would have him improve his physique and it leads to some jokes. Not exactly a banner segment.


After break, Heenan makes fun of Koko’s singing then we see the pregnant woman going nuts demanding to go into the studio so she can confront Heenan. Vince then rags on Heenan, who claims it wasn’t his car to begin with.


The Undertaker defeats George Anderson from the 5/11 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


In the studio, Earthquake comes out and stomps around. He is also by himself. We are shown a clip of Earthquake squashing Damien and it is actually shown instead of cutting to Mooney in the studio. Earthquake said he did this because Jake made him desperate. Earthquake then takes out what is supposed to be snakeskin as Heenan jokes if he can pet it before making some jokes. Lots of snake jokes here.


Smash w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts 

Another match from the 4/16 Challenge tapings. Jake brings out his bag, which now contains Lucifer, who is Damien’s brother. Smash works the arm to start. Jake then escapes and works the arm then knocks Smash down. Jake goes back to the arm until Smash punches him in the gut. Jake comes back with a hip toss and a knee lift but Smash escapes a couple of DDT attempts then bails. Smash returns and targets the back and neck but eats boot on a charge. Jake tries for a DDT but Fuji blocks that by hooking his leg. Smash gets a nearfall with a back suplex then tries a slam but Jake floats over and finally hits the DDT for the win (6:25) *. After the match, Jake dumps Lucifer on top of Smash.

Thoughts: Smash’s offense was pathetic in this match. And with Crush nowhere in sight since WrestleMania its clear the team is on the way to splitting up and Smash is being pushed down the card.


Back in the studio, Earthquake yells how Jake will not be able to hit him with the DDT. Earthquake then says not only is he a great wrestler but he is also a great eater and will make us some “Quake Burgers.”


Hulk Hogan tells us that he will be on the show next week.


Big Bossman defeats Dan Johnson from the 5/11 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Back in the studio, Heenan gloats over The Mountie outsmarting the Big Bossman.


Koko comes back to the set as Vince tells him how Heenan was talking trash about his singing. Vince then brings up Heenan saying he helped out Madonna and Michael Jackson as Koko proposes they have a sing off.


The Rockers & Virgil defeat The Orient Express & Mr. Fuji from the 4/22 Madison Square Garden show.The match was joined in progress.


Jameson is now in his bathrobe and slippers for some reason.


Sgt. Slaughter defeats Kevin Kruger from the 5/11 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


We now have the sing off. Koko clearly wins and the camera cuts to Vince’s face were funny enough but this was mostly dopey comedy that felt passe.


Bret Hart defeats Warren Bianchi from the 5/4 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” airs.


Next week, The Barbarian and Greg Valentine will be in studio along with Hogan. Earthquake now comes out with his burgers. I do like the cooking apron over his ring attire. They are made out of snake as Lord Alfred and Vince are repulsed while Heenan and Earthquake keep eating. Vince then flips over the whole tray and leaves before saying something that was bleeped out.


Final Thoughts: The IC Title match was good but the rest was bad comedy segments written with Vince in mind. I will credit Vince for being disgusted in how Earthquake laughed off killing Damien but this show was largely a miss.