Ways to keep Mania shorter

Hey Scott,
First off obviously dumping commercials/ads/elongated promo packages would help. My question is: why do they shove those down our throats every 5 minutes when we are watching the show already!

Also, doesn't the ARMBAR give them a great out clause every year. The first one had legit guys in there. Del Rio, Sheamus, Ziggler, Big Show, Cesaro, Rey Mysterio. Sure there were jobbers but it felt important. Put some stakes to it (Title shot on Raw/SDL after Mania) and put big stars in there.

The promos are helpful after the fact for old farts like me who can't remember why X is fighting Y, but they should be one minute long, not ten.  They have insanely talented editors for their online content who are very capable of cutting stuff down to bite sized format, and that's all we'd need.