Random Thoughts From Mania

1. Have you ever seen a card that killed off so many babyface draws? Reigns might as well leave the promotion. He will never be taken seriously again unless he makes the heel turn. He has been lugered to death. Nakamura turned heel, Rollins is in IC title hell, asuka lost the streak which was the only thing getting her over, and Braun had a tag team match with a ten year old. So we are now counting on plus 40 year old flake Bobby Lashley to sell some pay per views. Sounds reasonable.

2. Am I the only guy who doesn’t get Nakamura and Finn Bálor? All I heard about is how revolutionary Nakamura is and he can’t even be bothered to bring it against AJ Styles in a match that everyone swore up and down would be six stars. His works screams lazy to me. Finn Balor without the makeup is a stale babyface that uses the same finish my six year old does when we wrestle. And Finn has like four moves total.

3. Is Cody Graves a face or a heel announcer? One minute he hates Elias and then he talks crap about Sasha and buries the new day. Also why is he everywhere?

1.  ​Tonight was a REALLY strangely booked show.  The thing that annoys me with Roman is that they spent an entire YEAR having Brock kill off guys with the F5 to build up that kickout spot, and then it ended up meaning nothing.  Plus they also spent a year protecting Roman and turning the other members of the Shield into midcard smiling buddies so he's the bigger star, and then he lost anyway.  I don't get what the endgame with Brock is supposed to even be at this point, to be honest.  ​
​2.  Nakamura has been really lazy and unmotivated compared to New Japan, and it's kind of shocking that Vince keeps giving him this big of a role.  Perhaps it's just because he's older and slower now, but even compared to his NXT run he's been working via collect call.  Hard to blame him a lot of time, but this should have been where he brought it.  As for Finn, I've never been into smilin' babyface Balor, but he moves merch, so good for him.
3.  They love Corey Graves but he's turning into tattooed Matt Striker and spends more time coming up with sick burns of his broadcast partners than actually getting anything over.  His performance during the women's Rumble, where he literally spent the entire match drooling over a couple of people like a creepy internet stalker, was really embarrassing to listen to.  ​